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De Pere, WI

335 S. Broadway, De Pere, WI, 54115, US


This permit allows you to keep up to four hens (no roosters) in compliance with City ordinance.  Permits are valid from January 1 through December 31, and the fee is $7.00.  A $1 postage fee will be added to your total, as well as a 2.80% payment processing fee.  Your application will be processed within three business days, and your permit will be mailed to the address you enter in the form.

Please note that the number of animals allowed per dwelling unit shall be decreased by the number of chickens permitted on the property parcel, so that the number of dogs or cats in the dwelling unit plus the number of chickens permitted on the property parcel do not exceed six animals.  In no event shall the number of chickens exceed four.

You will need the following documents to complete this application:
- Proof of registration with the Wisconsin Department of Agricultural Trade and Consumer Protection
- Written consent from Property Owner if you are NOT the record title owner of the property upon which chickens will be kept

Annual Chicken Permit Application

Address (where chickens are to be kept)

Mailing Address (if different from above)

Is this a new permit or a renewal?

Is the chicken coop permanent (non-mobile)? If yes, you must obtain a building permit. Please contact Development Services at 920-339-4053.

Are you the property owner of record at the address where chickens will be kept?

If you are not the property owner, you must upload a document containing written consent from the property owner.

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You must upload a copy of your proof of Livestock Premises registration with the WI Department of Agriculture.

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Applicant Signature

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